The 23rd season of Top Gear was, almost doomed from the start. Clarkson, May and Hammond were gone, and in their place were BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, actor Matt LeBlanc and YouTubers Chris Harris and Rory Reid. The “Beeb” decided to throw in Eddie Jordan and German Nurburgring expert, Sabine Schmitz for good measure. It was a little bit of a failure. The critics panned it, hard. Chris Evans took most of the blame and decided to fall on his sword, never to return. There were some great pieces that the team produced, but there seemed to be too much pressure to make the reboot work properly.

Fast forward, 2017 and the 24th season returned to our screens early last month. Without Evans at the helm, the producers took the time to look at what had worked last year, ditched the crap that didn’t and put out the Top Gear Reboot 2.0. The good news is that it works. LeBlanc and Harris have a unique relationship, and on-screen chemistry, that just keeps improving every episode.

All of the presenters and their guest stars seem relaxed and genuinely happy to involved with the show.  The well-produced films have some great comedy moments, but without the childish idiocy that plagued most of the later work that Clarkson, et al. managed to churn out during the last couple of seasons of their brand of Top Gear.

So if you are one of those people that gave up on the show last year, I suggest you think about firing up the iPlayer, opening a beer and take a look at this fantastic show. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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